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Dating a Nice Man

Dating a nice man is one thing. But knowing if he’s the right one for you is a different story. Other women date just for the sake of dating, enjoy being with others’ company and they are far from getting serious. Some women date because that’s what the society dictates. Some of their friends might have been pressuring them to go out and meet guys. But several women are out on the dating scene with high hopes of meeting the right man. There are certain things that you have to know first before considering a serious commitment. Committing to someone either through marriage or just a long-term relationship is not a joke. It takes deep emotional investment. This could bring you to a lot of pain once proven that you were wrong about him. These people are important to you. So, if the guy you’re dating pass their standards, it only means one thing. All of these because he prioritizes everything that is important to you. This is how you can tell that you’re dating a nice guy. Not all men can do this. A man listens well if he cares about what you are saying. He likes being involved in your life. He wants to be a part of your problem’s solution. He has sincere intentions of helping you whenever he can. Finding a man who has the same ideals as you is not easy. But when you do find one, having a relationship with him has high probabilities of working out. A man who is loyal is a rare find. But once a guy makes you feel that you can trust him, it means he loves you. A guy who is serious would never trade what you have for cheap thrills. Young people tend to misunderstand commitment and love. When their heart beat for a certain man for whatever reason, they will easily conclude that that they are in love. If you have been single for a long time or if you came from a broken relationship, commitment might not be the answer to what you are looking for. This might be the point in your life where you are pushing your relationship too fast. Know yourself and your needs before you decide to be committed.

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